Grade 56J News

This week in class we have been doing some heavy work with our buddies. We made damper with Nat in the fire pit. Dana taught us how to make mothers day cards.

Grade 12J Term 1

It’s been a busy Term with Harmony Day and the AFL footy clinic being some of the highlights.

Grade 12M News

We have been doing lots of fun and exciting experiments during our MAPPEN Science Inquiry unit. We have been making predictions about what we think will happen and then writing about what we have observed. We tested raisins in tap water and soda water to see what would happen. They sunk to the bottom of […]

Harmony Week Celebrations

What an exciting time to be teacher and student! Harmony week for 2021 delivered deep conversations, creative art pieces, incursions, presentations, buddy grade activities, storytelling and connections to Australia culturally diverse communities. The prep and grade one students were treated to an Indigenous presentation by Koori Engagement Support Officer Anne-Maree Stever and our expert Prep, […]