Harmony Week Celebrations

What an exciting time to be teacher and student! Harmony week for 2021 delivered deep conversations, creative art pieces, incursions, presentations, buddy grade activities, storytelling and connections to Australia culturally diverse communities. The prep and grade one students were treated to an Indigenous presentation by Koori Engagement Support Officer Anne-Maree Stever and our expert Prep, William Smith. The junior grades learnt information about Australia’s diverse Indigenous communities, the Indigenous Flag, artefacts and storytelling. The SRC leaders collaborated with the teachers and their peers on what Harmony Day is all about and through the collective sharing of ideas and discussions in our classroom activities, conversations around diversity, belonging and respect echoed throughout the school. Foster Primary school celebrated Australia’s Harmony Day message, ‘Everyone Belongs’ with an inclusive community picnic with family and friends, followed by a whole school parade wearing our orange crowns proudly upon our heads, dressed in orange or our cultural identity attire.