Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden Program at Foster Primary School is very much looked forward to by our students and is based on the amazing Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.  Our program provides experiences in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh seasonal food.

Both Kitchen and Garden classes are timetabled for grades 3-6 and enable students to get a really great understanding of the cycle of food to fork (ie growing food to eat!).

The classes are facilitated by our Kitchen Specialist and Garden Specialist who prepare and deliver the classes with the help of parent and community volunteers. 

 Students learn really practical skills in both the Kitchen (preparing food, ie peeling/cutting, cooking & cleaning up) and out in the Garden (think composing, mulching, using tools safely, learning plant families, planting seeds) and have to co-operate as a part of a team.

The program has a focus on the importance of sustainable practices involved in growing food and cooking it in various ways from many different cultures.  There is also a strong focus on the enjoyment of sharing a meal together including table manners!

In each kitchen lesson, the students are encouraged to taste all foods prepared by the class which generates lots of conversations and discovery of new tastes, textures and smells in our students – it is a lot of fun!

Kitchen Garden Farmers Market Stall

Foster Primary School have a monthly stall at the Foster Farmers Market (3rd Saturday morning of every month).  We sell egg and bacon sandwiches, sausages in bread (usually with some fancy condiments) as well as our famous chocolate brownie plus seeds and produce that come out of our kitchen garden – harvested by our students the week of the market.

This stall is managed by our Parents and Friends Group and the money we make from this stall goes directly to help fund our Kitchen Garden program – it could not exist without this income!

The market stall is lots of fun, 2 families run the stall each month – children are a big part of the stall and help with setting up, speaking to customers, selling the goodies and assisting with taste-testing(!) and marketing – it is a very rich educational experience.

A big thank you!

Along with our parent and student volunteers, the kitchen garden market stall is supported and made possible by our very generous sponsors:

Please come and visit us at the Foster Farmers Market – 3rd Saturday of each month at the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre.