Kitchen Garden

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Foster Primary School  provides experiences in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh seasonal food.

The Kitchen and Garden classes are timetabled and enable students to learn practical skills and co-operate as a part of a team.

Lessons focus on the importance of sustainable practices involved in growing food and cooking it in ways used in many different cultures.

Students learn about improving the soil by composting and mulching, using tools appropriately and safely, plant families, where our food comes from and the various ways used to produce food commercially.

Each lesson, students are encouraged to taste all foods prepared by the class. The Program is an integral part of the curriculum for Grades 3-6 , particularly linked to the VELS areas of Personal Learning, Health, Science, Maths and English.

The classes are facilitated by a Garden Specialist and a Kitchen Specialist and rely on the support of Volunteers from our families and the wider community.

Farmers Market

Thank you again to Cat Wheeler for organising the Farmers Market each month.  We could not run our fantastic Kitchen Garden program without the funds raised from these markets.

Of course that means there’s a band of merry helpers behind the scenes and at the markets too.  Thank you to Jan Power, Lewis, Royce, Lisa Lemchens, Shannon Gee, Mia, Daisy, Bec Matthews, Teddy and Trevor Wheeler.

Thank you also to our generous sponsors Aherns Fruit Market and Foster Foodworks.