What Blake & Stuart said,

Giant Swing and Surfing

Giant swing, really tall.

Maybe as tall as a shopping mall.

Really scary, really fast.

If it breaks, you’ll get a cast.

I wasn’t terrified,

but I felt like a deep fried fry.

Walking to surfing feeling like Tony Hawk,

I had fun

But I wasn’t Tony Hawk!

By Blake & Stuart

What Jake Said,

Camp Waratah

Food was delicious.

So perfect, I can’t explain how good it was.

The flavour of lasagna was so good, it’s hard to describe.

I anxiously waited for my ice-cream after dinner.

It took ages for my table to be called.

The wait was really worth it.

Thank you Ms Young for organising camp.

What Gabrielle said,


Giant swing, fun, scary, flying high

Dropping high, glasses, wiggling jiggling around

Wind blowing in my face

I’m up in the sky, flying so high

Eyes opening so wide

going to the top wow!

Fear all over my face

But I’m happy that I did it

Surfing fun, hard balancing

Water splashing in my face

Salty water in my ears

Having fun

Oh no, I fell off

Made a crash within a flash!

Riding the waves

So amazed.

By Gabrielle

What Frankie said,


The year 9’s are pretty good. I think they will be past high school very soon.

I don’t know how old they are, but they were very helpful.

I wonder what their high school looks like and all of the high school students’ names or what they all look like.

The students are good and the high school is very very very very good. I like the year 9’s coming to our school because they help us a lot. They helped us with our RAD Rotations, Reading, Writing and Maths.

By Frankie