A great start to 2021

This week we have been writing questions for Kylie. We made pictures, then put them into a book. We have also been practicing our writing really hard.

All About Snails

We had some snails in our room and held them on our hands. We looked at them with magnifying glasses and examined the parts of their bodies and how they moved. The snails made a slimy trail on our skin and clothes. Most of them were little but a few were big. We found out […]

Grade 34T News

We have been learning about Persuasive texts (expositions) in our classroom. We have been reading many different examples and noticing their parts and structure (Intro, argument and conclusion). Students have been working on writing their introductions and clearing stating their opinion.

News from Grade 56P

These past few weeks our students have focused on persuasive text. They have learnt to state their opinion, provide reasons with evidence and write a conclusion. Students have practiced using emotive language, specific words, hyperbole and persuasive sentence starters. In maths we learnt about right, acute and obtuse angles and how to measure them accurately […]

Grade 56J News

This week in class we have been doing some heavy work with our buddies. We made damper with Nat in the fire pit. Dana taught us how to make mothers day cards.

Grade 12J Term 1

It’s been a busy Term with Harmony Day and the AFL footy clinic being some of the highlights.