We had some snails in our room and held them on our hands. We looked at them with magnifying glasses and examined the parts of their bodies and how they moved. The snails made a slimy trail on our skin and clothes. Most of them were little but a few were big. We found out that the biggest snail is a sea snail that lives in Australia and is one metre long. Slugs and snails are the same, except that a snail has a shell.

Then we made our own snails with a paper plate and did some writing about it.

We holded snails. Celeste.

My snail can slide. Adele

My snail is snail is called _. Amity

My snail likes wet places and my snail can make slime. My snail is called _. Isabel

My snail is called Cat. Adelaide

My snail is called Rainbow. Jessie

We had snails. My snail is called Rose. Evie

My snail can slide. Charlotte

Skittles can slide. Astrid

I like my snail because it looks like grade six work. I love my snail. Snails can make trails. Kye

My snail is called Rainbow. Louis

My snail likes water. Jobe

It can slide. It can slide. It is called Catty. Alex