‘pattern hunting’ in the classroom.

After some ‘pattern hunting’ in the classroom, P/1C were put to the test to create a pattern either with numbers or materials in the room. We have some extraordinarily problem solvers in the Junior building!

Term 1 News!

What a busy term we have had in 1/2J! We have been very busy in our classroom doing lots of learning. We have been making new friends, doing exciting things and getting used to having a full term at school! In writing this term, we have been working on creating recounts and narratives. In maths […]

5/6M have enjoyed learning about sketchnoting this week

56M have enjoyed learning about sketchnoting this week- using text, pictures, and symbols to make their thinking visual when reading, viewing and listening. Here are some examples of our work when listening to each other’s writing today! – Mrs Moldrich and Ms Stickley